well, who doesn’t panic when they have almost forgotten the anniversary date and haven’t bought anything yet to give it the spouse. This can be your girlfriend, fiancé or even wife. But most couples have different anniversaries. For example, the day they got hitched, the day they said yes to each other or the day they simply got engaged. What ever kind of anniversary you are here to celebrate, forgetting it is not acceptable by any girl. Because it simply means you took her for granted and didn’t appreciate her well. Therefore, you don’t want to mess things up, instead try to patch things up by deciding what to get her or how to put her in a happy mood.


You can totally decorate her room and keep when she comes back home after a tiring day back at work. This decoration can be done in several methods. Firstly, using flowers such as tulips, roses and daises. If her favorite flower is jasmine, then you can totally decorate your entire bedroom with jasmines or sprinkle a few on the bedsheets just for the pleasant smell. Other than that, you can get those boutique scents of her favorite list and spray it all over the room to lift her mood up. Tiny details do go a long way when it comes to strengthening the bonds between two. People often envy the long-lasting marriages and look up to it with great awe as to how they did it. They do it mostly by doing little things along the line. Because you don’t always need big things to be done to impress the other person. Stick to the tiny details and you will see the development.


Candle light dinner is another favorite thing to get hold of any girl. Once you cook her food and feed her, just remember she will be sealed and fixed for you. Because that’s how you prove you gentleman qualities. What if you are a bit broke on your anniversary and you don’t make plans because you don’t have cash? That is going to create a huge issue at home. You don’t always need money to make someone happy. Thus, show your cooking skills and prove them how well you can take care of someone. Apart form that, you can get Oudh oil and place it next to the dinner table and light a few decorative candles and keep the light a bit dim to give a perfect atmosphere to the entire place. The more pleasant you make the place look the happier she is going to get and the way to a girl’s heart is good fragrance so never forget to keep the fragrance coming.

Thus, now you know how to handle the situation without panicking!

Charlotte Frost